Ultrasonic Detector PD-256

About Ultrasonic Detector PD-256

  • Equip with advanced ultrasound other than ultra-red or microwave detector to eliminate the false alarm problem.
  • An easy external control DIPswitch to set multiple detection ranges between 0.5 and 4.0 meters. Detector activated by any moving object within the preset range.
  • Temperature effect on ultrasonic detection is automatically calibrated
  • Occupancy detection and LED status display in one device. Two dual-color combinations: red/green and red/blue LEDs with 360 degree viewing angle. Red, green, and blue lights indicate occupied, vacant, and vacant handicap lots, respectively.
  • A separate mounting base with a detachable device module configuration makes installation and maintenance easier. A single dual-line cable communicates up to 256 detectors with a central controller. A single BUS provides power and circuitry with reduce the installation material cost by 45%.
  • PD-256 is a reliable and essential product for parking space inventory in a multi-story parking ramp.
  • Integration of PD-256 with the intelligent parking ramp software ( separate PSM product) is capable of directing the driver with illuminated displays along the drive-way from the entry to the pre-assigned space or from the parked space back to the exit in a multi-story parking ramp.
  • ABS cover is fully transparent and waterproof