LD170 Single Channel Detectors

About LD170 Single Channel Detectors

The LD170 Single channel inductive loop vehicle detectors are relable,small size and made in Taiwain. The LD160 rangedetection of detectors may be used in almost any application.

  • The LD-170 is an intelligent, durable and compact product with 3 digit, seven segment, LED display for accurate diagnosis of loop & installation issues friendly.
  • he LD-170 is designed to accommodate numerous applications, such as parking, access control, traffic control and toll system, gate / fence system etc.
  • Loop frequency read from display directly.
  • If intermittence happen or failed loops get self- healed, the detector will resume to normal operation without manually reset the detector.
  • Self-tuning & environmental tracking.
  • Normal & Inverse mode are easily to select in the field.
  • 3 x LED status indicators for : Detect, Power, loop Fault & relay A status indication.
  • Two separate output relays:
    Output A is presence output can be extended for 0, 2 ~ 30,31 seconds over 30 levels.
    Output B, programmable and provides presence, pulse on entry, pulse on exit & four selectable Pulse time.
  • Both A or B output can be delayed for 2 seconds. This allows the detector to ignore the vehicles passing over the loop faster than 5 miles per hour.
  • 11 pin Amphenol connector on rear.
  • ABS plastic case.
  • Option: IP65 grated.