Parking Zone Controller

About Parking Zone Controller P256TW or P64TW

  • Dedicated product for ultrasonic radar detector PD-256
  • Power input:110 or 230VAC
  • Up to 256 parking lot per zone controller
  • Simplified wiring requirement: connecting all 256 detectors with only two wires which including power source to all detectors and two-way signal communications.
  • Synchronized data input/output at same time between the controller and individual detector to avoid interference among detectors
  • Each controller with 256 sets of input and output connecting points:automatic or manual operation options on the outputs
  • LED display on the zone controller reports all lot status (occupied/vacant/error) detected by up to 256 detectors
  • Equipped with a hard data memory chip to store all current operating data avoiding restart problem due to incidental power loss
  • The controller(s) remains functioning when the remote PC controller is offline
  • Equipped with a RS485 communication hub compatible to MOD BUS setting for remove communication
  • Power-overload protection included
  • Galvanized steel with weather proof finishing for durability and aesthetic appearance