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Perfect Security & Machinery Co., Ltd. 『 PSM 』 has established in 1982 and consists of two major departments, the engineering service department, and the product manufacturing department. The engineering department provides security system design, installation, and operation/maintenance services to households, shopping malls, office buildings, financial institutes, military bases, etc. Since 1996, PSM expanded its business to traffic guidance and parking management devices for large car parks/garage. The company has successfully installed more than 30 multistory car parks in Taiwan, Singapore, Tailand, Malaysia and China. PSM has gained its reputation throught 40 years of services to the security industry and large car parks as the best engineering and leading technology provider.

The important PSM milestones are summarized in the following table:

1982 *PSM established
1983 *PSM-8305 1 Zone Alarm Control Panel
*PSM-8306 Digital Remote Alarm
1985 *PSM-8508 2 Zone Alarm Control Panel
1986 *PSM-8605 5~30 Zone Alarm Control Panel
1988 *PSM-8800 Full Two Way Keypad Controller
1991 *PSM-9110 Telephone Alarm Auto Dialer
1992 *PSM-9211 Full Two Way Alarm Communicator
1994 *PSM-405 Electric Bolt Lock
1996 *R&D of the prototype Loop Vehicle Detector
1997 *PSM-9705 (1st generation) Loop Vehicle Detector
2000 *R&D of prototype of Parking Guidance Devices
2001 *PSM-2001 (2nd generation) 1CH Loop Vehicle Detector
*PSM-2001T (2nd generation) 2CH Loop Vehicle Detector
2002~ *LD-160 (3rd generation) 1CH Loop Vehicle Detector
*LD-260 (3rd generation) 2CH Loop Vehicle Detector
-With enhanced functions and smaller dimensions
*PSM-2002 Ultrasonic Radar Detector
2003 *PSM-2002D to replace PSM-2002 with new sync signal causing crosstalk functions

*PD-640 (2nd generation) Ultrasonic Radar Detector
*P64TW Zone Controller
-Capable to communicate with up to 64 detectors with a single dual-wire to synchronize the power supply and detection signal in a BUS
*PL-24GR (green/red) LED Indicator
  PL-24BR (blue/red) LED Indicator
-Improved horn design of the detector to improve on a specific area and avoid crosstalk


*PD-256 (3rd generation) Ultrasonic Radar Detector
-Unified indicator and detection design
*P256TW Zone Controller
-Capable to communicate with up to 256 detectors improved design/outlook easier installation time and reduced cost

PSM has 40 years of excellent track records in the R&D, manufacturing and engineering services. PSM manufactures its own products and offers turnkey engineering services to its clients. The PSM delivers highly compatible products in both quality and price in the global market. Since 2002, PSM has expanded its services to Asian Pacific and European countries and continuous growing in international clients is expected.


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