Parking Lot Occupancy Indicating

About Parking Lot Occupancy Indicating Light PL-24GR/PL-24BR

Parking Lot Occupancy Indicating Light PL-24GR/PL-24BR

  • Dual-color alternate lighting either with Red/Green or Red/Blue combination. Color switches instantly with parking status. Red, Green, and Blue colors indicating “occupied”, “vacant”, and “reserved lot for disabled “, respectively. 
  • LED with strong illumination and distinct color combination facilitating drivers to locate empty lot with a minimum effort.
  • Using long service life LEDs.
  • Light emitting 360 degree without blind viewing angle.
  • Equipped with an amp stabilizer which absorbing the power fluctuation and maintaining constant illumination.
  • Fabricated with a transparent PC cover and an ABS impact resistance base.


Input voltage


Current supply


Display Mode

Dual color alternate display

Light Emitting Angle


Operating Environ

Temp: -20-50℃;Humidity:<90%(w/out dew)

Install Environ





Cover diameter x Height x Base Diameter
= 71 x 92 x 102mm

Download the PD-256F Plus manual